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Scirra Adds 3D to Construct

Color me impressed. Construct now has 3d meshes coming soon. Per Ashley in the Forums, we have liftoff on more than a basic square with a texture on each side (the Empire State Rocket effect). Not much more, but this allows for more possibilities for Construct v1.0. WARNING: I would not recommend using this new version (v0.99) yet. This is a very unstable, buggy build that is made to be tested. Stick with your previous versions for making real projects (for now).

In other news, I might just have a game of my own coming soon. How soon? When It Is Done (TM). I’m still working on getting Steamworks hooked up to it, so I don’t dare mention more until that happens. NEVER announce a project unless you have a reasonable chance of seeing it to fruition. If I’m successful with SW, then I’ll begin posting about the game. My project runs fine as a stand alone .exe, but there is no security to protect the thing yet. Oh, did I mention it’s an 2d indie project I will attempt to (GASP!) sell?! Could be. It might be why Steamworks is needed, after all.

Keep your sensors peeled.

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